• Consulting
  • Consulting

Disease recognition and treatment. Tree maintenance, pruning, thinning, and removal. Defensible space and fuelwood reduction. Mountain Pine beetle and Douglas fir beetle management.

Participate in current technology discussions with leaders in silviculture and entomology, and bring the best available resources to bear on all current and proposed projects with homeowners and property managers. Conduct tree care and forested landscape stewardship workshops on behalf of landowners and

  • Crescent H Ranch Homeowner's Association
  • Hidden Hills HOA
  • Highland Park HOA
  • River Meadows
  • Individual homeowners in John Dodge, Gros Ventre Butte, Solitude, Teal Trace and throughout Teton County, Wyoming, and Idaho

Fees for consulting vary according to the scale and scope of the project, depending upon costs and deadlines. (Some consulting time is embedded in project execution, other time can be waived but stand-alone consulting is billable per hour.)