Low Impact Logging

  • Low Impact Logging
  • Low Impact Logging

In cases where the use of a helicopter would be beneficial to use, in terms of reducing the impact on the grounds within a tree removal area, we employ teams of trained and experienced heli-logging crews to get the job done. The use of a helicopter to precisely remove trees from the site keeps ground disturbance from heavy equipment to a minimum or eliminates it altogether. This results in much less soil compaction, disturbance, and erosion consequences, as well as greatly enhanced efficiency which in turn provides for a better bottom line by comparison to lengthy ground logging operations.

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  • Butler Creek

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Trees R Us works in concert with all the landowners, neighbors, government entities, subcontractors, HOA representatives and agents of property owners to achieve the goals of the landowner. Using established forestry practices and operating within recognized and proven heli-logging practices, and alongside State Forestry officials and silviculture experts, we maintain a team approach to getting the job done done right, on time and on budget and according to best available technology and resources